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3 Tier Diaper Cake for a Boy

A 3 Tier diaper cake for a boy is useful, functional and practical.

3 Tier Diaper Cake Boy3 Tier Diaper Cake Boy $45.00 + Shipping


This 3 tier diaper cake is ready for a baby shower gift or as a gift to deliver to the hospital for the newborn baby.


  • 60 Size 1 Generic Diapers
  • Decorations

Our 3 tier diaper cake for a boy can be customized to your needs. The cake in the photo can be purchased as is, or we can build yours however you want it.

This diaper cake is made in a wheeled style tier. The diapers are not rolled and are flat when the cake is taken apart.

Each wheel is made with either Name Brand diaper such as Pampers, Luvs, or Huggies or in a Generic brand.

If you prefer the rolled style, we can build it with rolled diapers. Your need is what we want to fill for the perfect gift for you to give.

Diaper Brands

Not all disposable diapers are made the same, but they all serve the same purpose. They are all designed to keep your baby's bottom dry. Some work better than others, no matter the brand.

If you are considering a lower budget, the Generic diapers are the way to go. Most Generic diapers are good, quality diapers. They work very well and cost a lot less money.

Name Brand diapers are the first choice for a baby shower gift. They are most costly and the quality is usually better than the Generic brand.

The diaper size can be the size you prefer. Most diaper cakes are built with Size 1 diapers. I have made a diaper cake with Size 3 diapers. It depends on the size of the baby and how long the cake can be used as a room decoration before the New Mom will need a Size 3.

You know how fast a baby grows, so a Size 3 is really not that far from it's usefulness.

We can put as many diapers into a 3 tier diaper cake for a boy as you want. Of course, the more diapers in a ring means a bigger cake.

The Embellishments

We can add as much embellishments as you want on your order. Sometimes, too many can make the diaper cake really busy.

Just the right amount creates a balance between the diapers and the cuteness of it.

We can add hidden things inside the rolls of the tiers. Things like lotion, shampoo, wipes, onesies, bibs, clothing, baby bottle, rattles, socks, etc. can be used and will certainly be a wonderful surprise to the New Mom and Dad when they begin to take it apart. These hidden items will be an extra charge.

You are going to LOVE your diaper cake when it is finished. We can send you a photo of the order before shipping for final approval if you wish. All we need is the email address to send it to.

Ribbon, bows and/or trinkets are included with your order as part of the product.

Stuffed animals and dolls are added as an extra charge, when added to the cake.

Making a list for your customized cake

When planning your 3 tier diaper cake for a boy, we will need to know the following details:

  • Brand of diapers you want
  • Size of diapers you want ( each layer can be a different size )
  • Style of diaper layers, rolled or wheeled
  • Type of stuffed animal you prefer
  • Hidden items you prefer
  • Theme ( if needing a themed cake )
  • Colors you want used for the embellishments and decorations
  • Type of flowers, if you have a preference
  • Your budget amount
  • Date you need the cake by

We will do everything we can to stay within your allotted budget, including shipping costs.

When you complete your detail list, you can email it to We will do our best to meet your list details within your allotted budget including shipping.

A photo can be emailed to you for final approval before shipping if desired.

Your payment will need to be made either by cash, business check, credit card or PayPal before the cake is shipped.

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