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White and Seafoam Green 3 Tier Towel Cake

This is a very large towel cake. It is made with white and seafoam green towels and is adorned with pink and cream flowers with beads and a pink butterfly.

White and Seafoam Green 3 Tier Towel CakeWhite and Seafoam Green 3 Tier Towel Cake $140.00 + Shipping

SOLD - Can be recreated


This 3 tier white and seafoam green towel cake is a beautiful display of modern towel colors that will coordinate with any bathroom design. It is adorned with beautiful pink and cream flowers and is wrapped in coordinating ribbon.


  • 2 Oversized SeaFoam Green Bath Towels
  • 2 White Bath Towels
  • 1 SeaFoam Green Hand Towel
  • 1  3x5 Picture Frame  
  • Decorations

All layers are stacked and secured to each other to keep them together. This is a very large and heavy towel cake.

This towel cake can be recreated using a towel color of your choice. We can make the top and bottom layer different colors, different patterns or different sizes.

You can choose the oversized towels for the bottom layer and regular sized bath towels for the top layer.

If you want a smaller towel cake, the hand towels can be the bottom layer and wash cloths can be used for the top layer.

The Embellishments

The embellishments for this cake are simply flowers and coordinating ribbon on the outside. 

We can also add hidden items inside your custom cake if you want it. There are many different things you can hide inside that will be a wonderful surprise for the recipient of the gift.

There are lotions, soaps, shampoos, mats, shower curtains, bath salts and bubble bath to name a few.

Wider ribbon and bows can be used. There are also some really cute butterflies or birds that can be attached to add some extra touches.

This cake has a small little butterfly perched in the midst of the flowers on the top layer. It comes with a 3x5 picture frame to keep a memoir.

Make a list for your customized cake

If you want to custom order a 3 tier towel cake, there are some details you need to think about beforehand.

  • Towel size
  • Towel color (s)
  • Number of towels for the bottom layer ( more towels make a bigger layer )
  • Number of towels for the top layer ( more towels make a bigger layer )
  • Type of flowers
  • Color of the flowers
  • Color of the tulle
  • Topper ( if desired )
  • Date you need the cake for
  • Hidden items you would like to have in it
  • Your Budget amount Theme ( if needing a Themed cake )

When you complete your detail list, you can email it to We will do our best to meet your list details within your allotted budget including shipping.

A photo can be emailed to you for final approval before shipping if desired.

Your payment will need to be made either by cash, business check, credit card or PayPal before the cake is shipped.

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