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Anniversary Gift Basket

An anniversary gift basket shows your care for a special occasion. When someone has an anniversary, a milestone has come to the happy couple. Whether it be the first one,  tenth one, silver one or gold one, each day is a special day.

Giving such a marvelous token of the special day is never going to be forgotten. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

With so much attention on the details of the day, your gift will top it off!

What is an anniversary gift basket?

Good question! Let's look at that. First, it's a container filled with lots of goodies. Secondly, it's a collection of items that can be used to celebrate with. Third, it's a shared gift that is beneficial for both of them.

The container may be a wicker basket, a bucket, bakeware or what ever you choose to fill up. Most are created using the baskets.

The goodies may include candies, chocolates, crackers, nuts and even gift certificates.

The celebration items may include bath salts, bubble bath, candles, towels, cookware, utensils and maybe even movie tickets.

As you can see, there are so many things you can put into it. Being a mixture of items, it makes the perfect gift to give.

Do all gift baskets come premade?

The gift baskets we make are not premade. We carefully choose the items, according to your needs. We then do all the purchasing for you. Your items are carefully arranged in your choice of container.

Each basket is designed to look amazing with lots of love and care. We wrap each one in an individual clear bag to keep it fresh and you get all the credit!

The recipient will absolutely LOVE it and will be thankful for such a thoughtful gift.

Gift Basket with a gold bowKitchen Anniversary Gift Basket
Red, Black, White Gift BasketRed, Black, White Kitchen Gift Basket
Kitchen Gift BasketKitchen Gift Basket
Kitchen Gift BasketKitchen Gift Basket

SOLD, can be recreated

Kitchen Gift BasketKitchen Gift Basket

SOLD, can be recreated

As you can see, there are quite a lot of different ways to create an anniversary gift basket.

Let us create your next one and send it directly to their house or job, all with your name on it.

You will be the hero of the day!

I don't have a photo of one with the candy, but will add one soon for you to see. Candy melts in warm weather, so keep that in mind when ordering. The candy basket will need to be sent priority mail to arrive as good as it was the day it was created.

We have alternate ways of shipping. Snail mail, UPS and hand delivery (in the Starkville, Ms area) are the best ways.

We can accommodate any size gift basket for any occasion. We want to be your choice!

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