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A baby carriage diaper cake will look stunning on the baby shower table

A baby carriage diaper cake is one of the cutest we've made. It looks like a stroller, but doesn't roll.

There are several ways it can be made. It is quite elegant in style, yet up to date in materials.

We can make it with cloth or disposable diapers. The cloth diaper baby carriage is quite a bit more expensive than using disposable diapers, although it seems to be a cuter design.

A mixture of both makes a cute stroller and both types of diapers are functional.

What's the difference in a baby carriage diaper cake and a baby stroller diaper cake?

A baby carriage diaper cake is really no different than a baby stroller diaper cake. They both are made basically the same way.

The handle can be positioned in different areas. It can be on the front of the carriage so you can see the baby while pushing. It can also be on the back of the carriage so the baby is in front of the handle.

Either way, it is a very cute diaper cake.

This can be used as a diaper cake decoration at a baby shower, given as a gift at the hospital, welcome baby to the neighborhood or as a baby shower table centerpiece.

Any new mom and dad will be thrilled to receive it in any way you want to give it.

A baby's room is a good place to set up as part of the d├ęcor. It can sit on the dresser or on a changing table. Actually, any place you set it will be a good place.

The only thing is, you will not want to take it apart. It is just that cute!

I do not have a photo of one we've made. In the meantime, you can watch the video from Thom. She gives very detailed instructions on how to make one.

Of course, you can alter what she's made to fit any gender. You can have it fancy or plain, big or small. You are the boss of your creation.

Take your time and make sure to fold the diapers neatly. Make sure the blankets are wrinkle free and your ribbon straight.

The little fine details are what makes a diaper cake so precious.

We strive for perfection and that's the only way we make them. You can do it, too, with a little practice.

If you don't have the time or the patience or your health prevents you from using your hands, place an order with us. We will make it for you. All we need are the details from you.

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