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What's a baby shower diaper cake centerpiece?

A baby shower diaper cake centerpiece is a beautiful arrangement of diapers that look like a real edible cake. It is placed on the mom-to-be table and is visible for everyone to look at. It can be placed on the food table or the gift table.

When on the food table, it is in clear view of everyone. It will be the one gift at the shower that is talked about the most and you, the host, will be surrounded by questions about where it came from.

So, that makes you an important part of the whole event!

When placed on the gift table, it will be the most adored one there. I guarantee it will be the one that is remembered the most.

Your diaper cake gift will be taken home and looked at for a while. All the other diapers will be used up before the mom will begin to take it apart. She will use it as a room decoration for as long as possible.

As you can see from the girl diaper cake baby bed picture above, it is stunning! Imagine something like this as your baby shower centerpiece. Of course, it will be made according to your color choice and diaper size.

This is a whole case of diapers, three receiving blankets and some beautifully arranged tulle, ribbon and bows. As you can see in the background, there are several more we've made.

A boy diaper cake can be just as adorable as this one. We can create motorcycle diaper cake for him or a tractor or a truck...

How long does it take to make a baby shower diaper cake centerpiece?

A baby shower diaper cake centerpiece building time depends on the size you want and what ingredients you choose. Making it takes the longest amount of time.

We have about 4 hours into building this girl baby bed diaper cake. We strive for perfection and customer satisfaction, so every detail is important to us.

We know how important quality is in a homemade gift, so we make the gift you give like we would make it for ourselves to give.

The average diaper cake takes about 1-2 hours to make. It is according to how much you want to add to it and the style you want.

It takes more time to roll the diapers in the candle style than it does to wheel them. Overall, both styles are quality built and will make the most stunning centerpiece.

Place Your Order for your baby shower diaper cake early so we can gather all the ingredients and take the extra time to perfect it for you.

We ask you to order one week in advance, if possible.

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