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A bridal shower towel cake makes a great centerpiece

Looking for a bridal shower towel cake? A bridal shower gift? Look no further than right here. We can create the perfect cake for you.

When planning for a bridal shower, you plan around a theme, color or centerpiece.

All of these can be found in a towel cake. You can even make a fake wedding cake for a centerpiece.

This is not a Styrofoam block covered in cloth or fondant. It is a useful and practical gift as well as an awesome centerpiece for the bridal shower table.

When you use a towel cake on the bridal shower table, you are using a gift that can be taken apart and used by the bride and groom.

It is a real "cake" made of bath towels, hand towels and/or wash cloths. Sometimes you will find some hidden useful items inside the middle of the cake.

Of course, you will have to take it apart to see them or use them. That's part of the fun of giving such a beautiful and thoughtful gift.

It's so much gift in so much awesomeness!

What exactly is a bridal shower towel cake?

When you take three bath towels, two hand towels and 10 wash cloths and bake a cake with them, you get a cake like no other.

Fold the bath towels long ways and rolling them up into a round cake shape. Keep adding the other two bath towels until you have a nice base. Secure it with a rubber band.

Do the same thing with the hand towels and then with the wash cloths.

Stack the layers on top of each other as if they were cake layers. Large at the bottom, medium in the middle and the smaller one on the top.

It begins to look like a cake even before you do anything else to it.

Take your time and add some decorations, such as, artificial flowers, bath products, bows, tulle or even add a shower curtain or bath mat.

You can't see what's on the inside, so be sure and tell the recipient the special ingredients that can't be seen.

When you get all the layers together and decorated, you have a bridal shower towel cake.

How long does it take to make a towel cake?

That depends on how large you want the cake to be and the amount of layers you want to have added to it.

You can roll the layers, if you take your time and not have any wrinkles, in about an hour or two. This is the base for the rest of the cake so you want make sure it looks nice. That is beginning of your cakes foundation. It needs to be secured to all the additional layers so it doesn't come apart if it falls over.

There are several ways to secure it and we use every measure to ensure just that.

Adding the decorations will take an hour or two depending on your theme or idea.

Altogether, you can expect to spend about three to five hours building a towel cake. You could make one a lot faster if you don't care about the little details.

Rolling the towels and poking some flowers in it is not all there is to it.

You do want the towel cake to be beautiful and look perfect if you are giving it as a gift.

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