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Child Gift Basket for a One to Five year old

Your child gift basket will fill his imagination and hands with wonder! He will love the items in it and will be amazed at all the fun stuff to do.

There's nothing like getting a variety of goodies to keep a little one occupied. You pick the items out and we will create the gift basket for you! No need to stand in a long line or even leave your house.

Let us be your one-stop-shop for that special occasion.

What's in a child gift basket?

A child gift basket is dependent on the age and developmental skills of that one particular child.

A child is constantly changing and growing. Their skills develop at different levels so each one is unique.

The list we give you below is just a guideline for the age group. Your child may be more advanced and needs a more challenging gift basket.

We will customize your gift basket for your child's development. You tell us what you want in it and we will create it for you.

Ideas for a one year old child

A typical one year old is starting to become somewhat rambunctious. With the variation of the ages, a gift basket will be customized to fit the age and maturity of the child.

A one year old is excited about everything. They love bright colors and can sit up and possibly crawl or maybe even begin to pull up and walk.

He likes picking things up and putting it in his mouth so soft things are necessary. He also can hit the toys on a table or the floor (making noise is his specialty). He likes anything that flashes, rings or makes noises.

Some popular items for a one year old may include:

  1. soft, stuffed toys
  2. soft, stuffed animals
  3. teethers
  4. soft plastic baby toys
  5. baby books
  6. rubber toys
  7. soft bath toys
  8. noise making toys

Of course, there are more, but you know your baby better than anyone else, so your baby may be able to handle things more advanced.

Price $40.00 and up

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Ideas for a two year old toddler

A two year old is a little more sure of himself and can recognize shapes and colors. He enjoys a challenge and can express himself better. He is an expert at walking and may be leaning toward potty training.

With a two year old in the house, it is never a dull moment. Toys are scattered all over the place because he is always exploring. He is able to put his toys away himself and can feed himself.

Some popular toys for a two year old may include:

  • stuffed animals
  • pull toys
  • bath toys
  • stacking blocks
  • play-dough
  • coloring books and colors or paint
  • books
  • trucks or dolls
  • make believe toys

There are plenty more that can be added, but all two year olds are different. We can customize your gift basket to fit your needs.

Price $45.00 and up

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Ideas for a three year old toddler

A three year old is old enough to do simple puzzles and games. He pays closer attention to rules and understands them.

He can hold things in his hands without dropping it and is able to speak fairly clear words. He can "read" a book back to you.

Some popular toys for a three year old may contain:

  • easy to read books
  • puzzles
  • board games
  • electronic learning devices
  • modeling clay or play-dough
  • coloring books and colors or paint
  • trucks or dolls
  • make believe toys
  • stacking blocks
  • stuffed animals

There are so many different things a three year old can do. We can customize your gift basket to fit your child's needs and learning level.

Price $60.00 and up

Place Your Order for a Three Year Old Child Gift Basket Here

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  • A birthday is the most common time to give a child gift basket. Kids love getting gifts and a gift basket all decorated and packed with items he will enjoy is just the icing on the cake.
  • Another one may be a hospitalization stay. If he is in the hospital, keeping him occupied is one of the greatest challenges a parent faces. With a gift basket, he will receive things he can play with and keep his little hands and mind busy.

    When giving a child gift basket for a one to three year old child, consider the safety of the child.

    A gift basket can be given to anyone, no matter the age. Order your today for that special someone who ages from one to ninety-nine.

    If you choose to build your own gift basket, click here.

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