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Diaper Bouquet - Great gift for any baby shower or hospital

Diaper bouquet? What is that?

So, you have come to the right place to find out! OK, let's examine one.

Diaper Bouquet - pink

Well, this is a diaper bouquet specially designed and created for your next baby shower gift. It contains diapers, a pink elephant rattler, a reusable flower pot and some large pink flowers with a cute set of butterflies. All of this is arranged and ready for a simple, yet elegant bouquet.

You can give this for a baby shower gift, a hospital visit gift or a welcome home gift. The new mom and dad will LOVE it as a room decoration, also.

This is an inexpensive, practical, useful and beautiful gift to give to the parents. They will love it and appreciate it. It will not be forgotten and the pictures will always reflect YOUR gift.

You can't go wrong with this one! You can also check out our Diaper Wreaths, as they make great door hangers for the hospital or home.

Diaper Bouquet - blue

Where can I get a diaper bouquet?

I'm so glad you asked! You have come to the right place to get one. I make and sell them. Filling out the contact form will be the first step. Once you place your order and have made the proper payment requirements, I will custom make it and get it headed your way!

We have glass vases in stock ready to fill up! All we need from you is whether it's for a boy or a girl. Easy, peasy! We will fill your order and you can pick it up or we can deliver it in the city limits of Starkville, Ms to any business.

Get your order in today so we can get it out to you. Need it shipped? We can do that! Have a budget? We can work with it! Have a certain theme? We can fill your order! Need it by a certain date? We can meet your deadline!

OK! So, you have come to the right place. There is nothing you need to do from here except order. You can fill out the form and I will contact you, send me an email or you can call me by phone.

Your problem is solved and I will get right on it.

Thank you for visiting us and contact me anytime.

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