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Diaper cake decoration begins with the baby shower diaper cake centerpiece

When a diaper cake decoration plan begins, I think of the baby shower table. What better way to use a diaper cake gift than to put it in the center of attention.

Everyone will go by and visit the table, therefore, the decorations are important.

Having your diaper cake gift as the centerpiece will give an adorable appearance and brighten up the whole atmosphere.

The new mom will love it because she will get to take it home with her and use it.

A diaper cake decoration plus cutesy things make the shower fun and exciting

Along with the diaper cake decoration you can add functional things like baby sock bouquets. These are so adorable. You can order one any size you need.

When a baby sock bouquet is created you have a stunning display of baby socks and a few onesies added in to form a cute flower looking bouquet.

Now, this is great for a gift in itself! Just put it on the baby shower table and it wlll take the place of any flower arrangement, whether real or artificial, plus the new mom can take it home and use the "flowers" for the baby.

So, you have a flower bouquet that won't sit and collect dust or fade away. It is useful, practical baby items. Diapers can be added in along with bibs, wash cloths, pacifiers and baby toys.

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Diaper cupcakes also seem to be a big hit for a table decoration. It is made of baby onesies rolled up to look like a yummy cupcake and placed in a muffin paper.

When you have 12 - 24 of these on a stand, it looks like someone has been baking and decorating cupcakes for a while.

These are going to come in very handy for the new mom when she gets them home and begins to take them apart. You can never have enough onesies and socks, right!

Give the mom to be a corsage made of baby booties. She will love it and will want to keep it in her memory box about the shower.

This may be the one thing from the shower that the new mom will want to keep intact. It is not only beautiful, but it will last for many years, unlike a real flower corsage.

It can be created as big or as small as you want it to be. Adding more baby booties or socks will only add more for her to enjoy!

Another popular decorative item is the diaper wreath. This is a circle of diapers on a hanging rack that is loaded with diapers and much needed baby products.

The diaper wreath is made to hang on the door or wall. It's great to hang on the outside of the door at the hospital to announce that new born baby!

When you take the baby home, it can serve as a door decoration on the outside of your home or on the door of the baby's room.

It can be hung over the baby's bed along with some pictures from the hospital or even of the birthing event itself.

What a great way to begin the decorating process!

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