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A baby shower diaper cake gift is perfect for the centerpiece

A diaper cake gift is multifunctional. It can be used as the gift alone and as the baby shower table centerpiece.

Imagine your gift being the most beautiful and useful one at the baby shower! It is the one that everyone wishes they had brought.

When ordering one, be sure to think through what ingredients you want to have on it.

There are so many different styles to choose from and different price ranges to choose from.

We can make a single layer, two layer, three layer or four layer diaper cake. It will be made sturdy as to keep it from falling apart. If you choose, we can make it in layers that can be taken apart and put together when you get to your destination.

Either way, it will be a stunning, beautiful and useful creation that you created and we built for you.

We do have some diaper cakes pre-made that you can choose from or simply use one of them as an example of what you are looking for. Ribbon colors, bow colors, bottle colors and board covers can all be changed. If your choice has a stuffed animal, it can be changed.

We will customize your cake to meet your requirements and choices. You may have the perfect animal you want used and that is fine. We will work with your ingredients and build it for you. It will save you some money in the long run and we will enjoy building it for you.

What do I need to know to give a diaper cake gift?

When deciding on the perfect gift, there are some things to consider:

  • What is the theme of the baby shower?
  • Is it a boy or a girl or maybe even both?
  • What month is the baby to be born in?
  • What is the color choice for the child's room?
  • What size diapers does the mother need?
  • What diaper brand do you prefer?

The host for the baby shower should have some of the information you need. Asking the right questions will insure the perfect diaper cake gift.

The theme of the baby shower can be the theme of your diaper cake. For instance, if it's a girl and it's a Disney Theme, we can make you a Minnie Mouse diaper cake.

You can specify what you want on it and we will do our best to find the ingredients and provide it for you to present.

Using the shower theme will make your gift a most welcomed centerpiece for the shower table. With it on the table, it will be seen and enjoyed by everyone.

The baby's gender is also an important factor to know. This will help when choosing the diaper cake ingredients. You want to have a creative built cake specific to the baby.

A boy baby may not like one pink colored, nor a girl a blue colored one. It just makes sense to keep it gender friendly. If the baby's gender is not known, then using a neutral color is best to choose, like light green, cream, red, white, yellow, orange or teal.

The month the baby is born in is important because that indicates the use of ingredients to be a perfect combination. You wouldn't want to add a heavy blanket in the hot months, nor a thin blanket in the cold months.

Keeping a balance is the right way to creating the usefulness of the cake. Making sure all the ingredients are compatible with every aspect of the baby's needs is vital.

The color you choose for your overall features needs to be considered. Spring colors will not  fit clothing choices in the winter months or vice-versa.

If you know the baby's room color choice, you can use that as the foundation for the diaper cake gift.

Mom and dad can take it home and enjoy it as a room decoration if you use a larger sized diaper as the base. The gift can be taken apart and used as the baby grows.

Using a smaller diaper as the top, medium diapers as the center and larger diapers as the bottom, it is the gift that keeps on giving.

Some moms prefer to have larger diapers as a gift. The typical diaper size given are the newborn or preemie and they are quickly outgrown. Using a larger sized diaper will be appreciated as it is going to be needed a little later than the smaller ones.

As the baby grows, the diaper supply gets used very quickly. Having a larger diaper supply gives the mom a comfort to know that she has some available. 

Asking the guests to bring size 2 diapers for a shower gift is actually a smart idea. Not everyone will bring diapers, but if they are considering them, it will be more feasible for the mom as the baby's booty gets bigger and bigger!

As the child reaches potty training age, you can continue with the diaper cake for a gift by giving a potty training diaper cake. It is made of training diapers instead of regular diapers. It also serves as a reward system for when he does use the potty. 

Take time to visit my friend, Eva, at Best Baby Gifts. She will also help you with a baby gift giving guide for all occasions, messages for baby congratulations cards, how to make diaper cakes and also diaper gifts.

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