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A diaper wreath hanging on the hospital room door is a great announcement

A diaper wreath is the answer to your question! Of course, the question is: What do I give for a newborn baby gift?

Sidestep the box of diapers and go a step above and give a unique gift of diapers. Your gift will be the one that is noticed.

What is a diaper wreath?

A diaper wreath is a ring of diapers with added items to create an inspiring baby announcement gift.

When you hang one of our created wreaths, the zoom in from the hall will be the door with the diaper wreath.

Visitors to the baby zone will notice the decorations before they notice the room numbers.

Diaper Wreath Yellow DuckDiaper Wreath Yellow Ducky $60.00 + Shipping

We have diaper wreaths in stock, ready to find a door to hang on. You can contact us if you want a special customized diaper wreath.

We will be honored to create one with the colors you choose and the embellishments you choose.

Our goal is to create the perfect fake cakes and have satisfied customers like you.

When ordering a customized fake cake of any kind, be sure to provide us with the details needed to create the perfect one for you.

We will send you a photo of your order before shipping it to make sure you are satisfied with it.

Diaper Wreath Blue BearDiaper Wreath Blue Bear $60.00 + Shipping
Diaper Wreath Monkey PinkDiaper Wreath Monkey Pink $60.00 + Shipping

SOLD - Can be recreated. Items may be subject to change

Diaper Wreath PigDiaper Wreath Pig $60.00 + Shipping

Our wreaths are made using name brand or generic diapers. We will do our best to work within your budget amount when you need a customized gift.

It will take about 24 hours to create it for you. Keep in mind, if you want it shipped, that will take several days to reach you.

If you live in the Starkville, Ms area, we can deliver it to you at a business location. We can also deliver it to the Oktibbeha County Hospital right to your room door.

We look forward to serving you and your diaper wreath needs today.

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