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My wreath making mentor is Julie Siomacco 

Door Wreaths add color and personality to your home

When you see door wreaths hanging on the outside of a house, doesn't it just give you a warm feeling about the atmosphere of the home?

It may bring feelings of happiness and solitude. It may show a sign of being welcomed. It may even let you see the whimsical side of the family that lives there.

You can find door wreaths in many different styles, colors and designs.

Our goal is make your door the envy of the neighborhood. A lighted wreath can glow from a distance. It makes your house stand out with pride. It brings a glow to your domain. It also puts a smile on your face when you drive up in the late evening and see it bright and colorful. 

Our wreaths are made to be hung outdoors or indoors. Either place will be perfect for that added touch of home deco

What are door wreaths made of?

There are many different ways to make one. A popular design is one with deco mesh. They are quite beautiful and can be made in any color with any style of decorations added.

Seasonal changes bring seasonal wreaths. Each one is created according to the designers style.

They have different structures to build on. You may find grapevines, wire, moss, Styrofoam and plastic bases to use.

Each one can be custom designed to meet any need or seasonal change. Of course, there are baby diaper wreaths that can be hung from a door for a special occasion, but they are not designed for outdoor use.

Here at Fake Cakes, we make all types of door wreaths to fit your needs. Just call or email us and let us know how we can help you with your next door design.

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