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Looking for inexpensive gift basket ideas?

Inexpensive gift basket ideas are found on the shelves at any dollar store.

Go into a dollar store and the shelves are just loaded with things to make an inexpensive gift basket. The ideas will begin to take form if you let your imagination loose.

When looking around, think about the theme you are needing one for. Is it a birthday, an anniversary, a Christmas gift, a holiday gift, a new mom gift or a pet gift?

Well, all of the supplies needed to create the perfect basket is right in front of you. You can find baskets, plastic containers, cups and bowls to use as your base.

Add some items that match the container and then top it off with some decoration.

So, are you ready to go on an adventure? Let's go...

Get out your pencil and paper and let's think for a minute. Ask yourself these questions to get your imagination jump started.

  1. What is the occasion?
  2. Is it for a male or female?
  3. How old is this person?
  4. What are the favorite colors of the person?
  5. What does he/she like to do?
  6. What is his/her favorite hobby?
  7. Does he/she like to read, sew, travel?
  8. Is he/she a crafty person?

Ok, let's start with these for now. Let's imagine you are looking for inexpensive gift basket ideas for a birthday for a girl that is 6 years old. She likes the color pink. She likes to play with dolls. She is just learning to read and likes to read books. She likes to color and draw.

Well, now we are off to a great start! Begin with what you know.

So, our first agenda is to observe the stores merchandise. What do you see that would make a cute "basket". Keep in mind it doesn't have to be a literal basket. Think outside the box.

Ok, you found a pink baby bassinet bed, great start! Let's use it! Now, let's go down the toy aisle and look for a baby doll. Perfect, you found some. Ok, pick out one or two that will fit in the bed or bassinet that you choose for your basket.

With the baby or babies in the bed or bassinet, let's look through the book aisle. Do you see any books that would be easy for a 6 year old to read, keeping in mind she is just learning how. Great, put that into the baby bed/bassinet.

So, now you see a coloring book and colors and you can just imagine her having fun with it. Put the coloring book about baby dolls and a box of colors or colored pencils into the bed/bassinet.

You also find some modeling clay or playdoh and add that to the treasure of gifts! So, look at your basket and see how full it is. Still have room?

Don't give up, you are on a roll. Ok, since she is a 6 year old girl, I'll bet she would love to have some hair accessories, like a hair brush and bows. She can always use those!

Wow! You are doing great! Your inexpensive gift basket ideas are becoming a real gift.

How full is that bed/bassinet basket now? Add some of her favorite candy or cookies in with the toys.

Grab some gift wrapping tissue and some ribbon to match. Add a clear gift basket bag (big enough to put it in) to the buggy and let's check out.

Guess what! You are such a good shopper because you have your inexpensive gift basket ideas all in a bag headed home.

Let's assemble your inexpensive gift basket ideas into a real present

Once you are home, lay all the things out.

Get your bed/bassinet out. Take your tissue paper and wad some of it up and place it into the basket. Add enough for the gift items to sit up above the middle of the bed.

Begin by adding your biggest and tallest item first. Put it toward the back of the bed. Stand it up or prop it up however it fits best.

Now, take your next to the biggest and tallest item and put that beside or in front of the first. Start layering the other items in the basket until it looks uniform in shape. Once you are happy with how that looks.

Sprinkle your candy, cookies or other small items in-between your gift items. It should look full when finished.

Are you done yet? How does it look?

WOW! It looks amazing! Let's put it into the clear gift basket bag, gather the top and tie it with the ribbon and you can add a big bow.

See, it only takes a little imagination and some time! You are a PRO now!

If you would like one made for you, we will be glad to fill your order.

If you choose to build your own gift basket, click here.

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