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Potty Training Diaper Cake - Such an awesome birthday cake for 2-4 year olds

A potty training diaper cake makes such a sweet birthday cake for the 2-4 year old. When your toddler begins to show signs of understanding potty training, it's time to introduce him to the world of training diapers.

These are known as Pull Ups. They are used in place of diapers. Pull ups are just what it says it is. It is diapers that he can pull up and down instead of having them taped on.

When he is aware of his need to potty, he can go into the bathroom and feel independent because he can pull his own training diaper up and down by himself.

This is the beginning of his new phase in life. He will be so excited to be able to go by himself.

On his 2nd birthday, 3rd birthday, 4th birthday or whenever he shows interest in the pottying process, he will LOVE getting a potty training diaper cake for his birthday.

When he needs a new one, he can just take a "piece of cake". What a great way to encourage him to potty.

Potty Training Diaper CakePotty Training Diaper Cake $60.00 + Shipping

What's in a potty training diaper cake?

A potty training diaper cake is created just like a diaper cake, but is made with training diapers instead of regular diapers.

When making one, they are rolled or fanned out just like a diaper cake and can be multiple tiers. It is decorated with his favorite stuffed animal and some extra incentives to use the potty.

Every time he uses the potty, he gets a reward off the cake. When he gets down to the middle, he will find  special reward. It can be some candy, a book, a movie or anything that he favors.

You can also add some big boy or big girl underwear for him or her to wear. It is so exciting to work through the layers and unfold all the little incentives.

The layers can be made with different size training pants as a progressive way to work up to the regular underwear.

Adding a coloring book and colors may keep him busy as he sits and waits for the potty dance to begin. Reading a book about potty training will help him understand what he needs to do as he sits.

We look forward to your order and are so excited to share in the big event with you! You decide what you want in your cake and let us know and we'll get right on it.

Place your order today and we will get started on the memorable time in his life.

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