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My wreath making mentor is Julie Siomacco 

Pre-lit Christmas Wreath? Awesome Idea!

A pre-lit Christmas wreath will show up from farther away. It will glow with lights and really make your door beautiful. 

A wreath on the door is special. It shows your love for the holiday, the season or the special event in your home. 

A door wreath is an expression of your home and your desire to make it different from the others in your neighborhood. 

Anyone can go buy one from the store, and they are all alike, BUT a handmade door wreath is one of a kind. No two of my handmade wreaths are alike. I make them all different and that's the reason why!

When you decide to place a special order wreath on your door, you will have the only one like it in the neighborhood. Your home will be the special one on the block.

If your house is close to the street, your wreath will be seen more clearly, even without lights. With a house farther from the street, the pre-lit Christmas wreath will make it stand out and be seen. 

When someone asks you where you got that beautiful wreath, send them to Fake Cakes! I can make one special for them.

To purchase any item on this website, please contact us through this page. Thank you for your interest in a Fake Cake for a Wreath, Diaper Cake or Towel Cake. Please come back again. We accept PayPal, local business checks or cash as payments.

What exactly is a Pre-lit Christmas Wreath?

So, a pre-lit Christmas wreath or for any occasion is a wreath with lights added to the frame base to light up the shape. It can be a round wreath, square wreath, swag, candy cane wreath, burlap wreath or any other one you want to add lights to.

The lights are on a string and are tiny little bulbs that are all connected by a battery pack. The battery pack is attached to your wreath base for stability. Some of them have the option of constant lights, blinking lights, fading lights or off. You can also get the one that stays constant.

Any of the light choices make a beautiful wreath even more appealing. Which one would you like on your wreath?

Contact me today for your order: info@fake-cakes.com

Our pre-lit wreaths can be made with your choice of colors and shape. You can even ask for a specific accessory. All our wreaths are made for indoor or outdoor use. 

They will look great on your front door or even on an interior wall for decoration for any holiday or any occasion. 

Our wreaths are all handmade and are not pre-purchased and resold. You can be assured you are getting quality products and not cheap products. Our wreaths are also made with care as to give you the best made product. 

Your money is valuable and so is my time put into your order. You can keep it for your own decoration or give it as a gift. Some reasons for gift giving a wreath are:

  • Holiday
  • Birth of a Child
  • New Mom, Dad or Sibling
  • Mother's Day
  • Father's Day
  • Grandparent's Day
  • Graduation
  • Wedding
  • Anniversary
  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • Valentine's Day
  • Housewarming
  • Thank You
  • Sporting Events
  • New Neighbor
  • Get Well Soon
  • Pets
  • Teacher Appreciation
  • Birthday

There are probably more that you can think of, maybe even something special to you. Give us a shout and we will work with you on your budget. 

Our prices are very competitive and we offer a great handmade wreath for a lower price. We don't believe in ripping you off!

My mentor is Julie Siomacco at southerncharmwreaths.com

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