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Questions and Answers about Diaper Cakes

When we first starting making diaper cakes, we struggled with the how-to's also. It is such a great feeling when you finally get it right and it ends up looking spectacular!

With several ways to make a diaper cake, you can create totally different looks with the same "ingredients".

Yellow Lion Diaper CakeYellow Lion Diaper Cake $65.00 + Shipping

Why do you make diaper cakes?

Diaper cakes are the best way to give a gift. When you create that one-of-a-kind gift that nobody else gives, you feel like the hero, because everyone wants to know where you got it from and who made it.

Diaper cakes also provide the mom, dad and baby diapers and lot of other necessary items, just as in a bag, only in a more exciting way!

They are getting the same gift as if you had it in a gift bag, but it is so much more appealing and even makes a practical, useful and awesome table centerpiece!

What size diapers are the cakes made of?

You can use any size you want to. Most people give size 1 or Newborn diapers as a gift. That's what the baby will need. But, Mom and Dad will go through that size fairly quickly and the baby will grow, so giving a size 2 to a size 3 diaper in a cake, will give them a gift to look at and enjoy until the baby is ready for them.

Size 3 diapers can be used for the bottom layer and Size 2 diapers can be used as the second layer.

Of course, we try to create our diaper cakes according to the customers' request, including the size diapers they want in the cake.

What are themed diaper cakes?

A themed diaper cake is when you build the cake around a specific character. It can be a Disney character,a movie themed character, favorite occupation or even a sporting event.

Some examples may be

  • Mickey or Minnie Mouse
  • Frozen
  • Lion King
  • Football
  • Firefighter
  • Princess
  • Elephants
  • Bath Duckies

or even a specific shape such as

  • a baby bed
  • motorcycle
  • wagon
  • sleeping baby

Most diaper cakes are built on a theme. Whether specific or not, they have a general overall uniform to them.

How do you make a diaper cake?

A diaper cake can be made in several different ways.

One is to roll the diapers. The diapers are rolled and secured with a rubber band. These are then formed into a circle and tied. You can make as many layers as you want. Each layer gets less diapers to create a layered cake look.

The embellishments are then added as well as your extra special items that you want to fill it with.

The diapers can be fanned out and rolled into wheels. This makes a more elegant looking cake. The process is the same as the rolled ones. Form a circle and layer them as a layered cake would be done.

Embellishments are then added to make it the most awesome gift.

Folding the diapers into squares is a unique way to create a diaper cake. It takes no longer to make a diaper cake that is folded than it does for any other way.

Any way you make the cake, it will look awesome.

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