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Questions and Answers about towel cakes

I had lots of questions and no answers when I first began making towel cakes and diaper cakes. I learned a lot through trial and effort, build it up and tear it down experience.

It's not easy to get all the right folds and rolls done perfectly. Practice, Practice, Practice is the best way to learn.

Let's look at some of my customer's questions and the answer I gave them.

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How do you roll the towels to look so smooth and even?

Well, I fold the towels according to the way the towel cake needs to be built. Smooth out all the wrinkles and get the edges even. Begin rolling at the end of the fold, making sure the ends are even and the wrinkles are worked out as you go.

If you have a designed towel, keep all the lines straight up and down and not swerving around. It's important to keep it nice and tight, or it will not be very stable.

Keep your focus on the top edge so that it is straight and even across. It needs to be as flat as possible to "look" like a real cake.

How do you make different size layers?

Basically, the bottom layer is the stability for your cake. It needs to be rolled with bath towels. Rolling them tight will help with that. It is your foundation for the other layers to sit on.

The middle layer is made up of your hand towels. It may take several of them to get a roll big enough to look like a second layer. You can also put a filler in the middle to make it wider to begin with. (That is just a happy bonus for your recipient!)

Again, roll them as tight as you can get them to add stability to the cake. Be sure to keep the edges as even and straight as you can get them. Lay the middle layer on top of the bottom layer to see if it is the right proportionate size to the bottom.

If you want to make a third layer, use your wash cloths and roll them in the same manner as the other two layers. The wash cloths may be a little more difficult to work with as they are thinner and more flexible.

How do you stabilize the towel cake to keep it from coming apart?

When I get all the layers rolled, I put a dowel down through the center of the cake layers. Cut the dowel off before inserting it. Hold it up to the layered cake and cut it slightly shorter than all three layers stacked up.

Be sure to center all the layers before inserting the dowel to get the uniform look of a real cake. You can also use a cardboard tube, such as a paper towel roll, as you roll the towels from the beginning.

It can be difficult to add the second layer if you have the towels rolled too tight. So, the hand towels will need to be rolled a little looser in order to slide the roll in the middle of them.

The wash cloths are easier to be added as they are easier to manage. You can wrap them around the tube itself without having to work the dowel down the middle.

How do you get your towel cake designs?

Good question! I try and use my imagination, a lot! We try to picture what the cake needs to look like according to the customers request. Then we jot down what I need to buy in order to create the cake.

We shop for the items needed and if I can't find what the customer wants, I call them back and ask if a substitute of the item I found would be OK to use. If not, we continue to look elsewhere for the specific item.

If we are building a towel cake for a display or for stock, we just build it according to what we think would be a cute or functional piece of art.

We also talk with our customers to find out future cakes they would like to see made and again, write it all down. We keep notes about everything. We take real cake designs and make our towel cakes to represent them, also.

Why do you make towel cakes, if you can't eat them?

Towel cakes may not be edible, but they last longer than an edible cake. They are also more functional and useful in the long run.

When you give a towel cake as a gift, you are giving your recipient a set of towels and possibly more if you add bonus items inside the towel cake.

When it is taken apart, the lucky person to receive it will be able to use the towels over and over again and will think of you each time they use one!

So, they are a lasting, unforgettable and useful gift that is appreciated for years to come! Plus it is not just a few towels stuck in a bag. It is a work of art that is made to bring lasting memories.

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