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Having a towel cake centerpiece creates a gorgeous table

A towel cake centerpiece can serve a dual purpose. One purpose is to give the guest of honor a useful gift and the second is to bring a aura of beauty to the table.

Black, White, Silver Towel Cake $150.00Black, White, Silver Towel Cake $150.00

When hosting a shower, whether it be a shower or personal gift, you want your guests and especially the guest of honor to feel like they've just stepped into a hall of fame shower.

You want everything to be perfect, from the napkins to the table. I know how important it is to create a memorable environment.

You can sit back and watch the faces of everyone present ohhh and ahhhh over what you've added to the special event.

All wedding and baby showers are meant to bring lasting memories and gifts to the guest of honor.

When choosing the best table decorations, you have to know what makes a beautiful table. For starters you want all coordinating eatery. Finding out the guest of honor's favorite color will be helpful.

If it is a wedding shower, what colors are in her wedding?

If it is a baby shower, what is the baby's gender?

If it is a housewarming gift, what color is the bathroom?

All aspects of a shower are important. Make sure the table decorations are too.

Seafoam Green and White Towel Cake  $100.00Seafoam Green and White Towel Cake $100.00

What is a towel cake centerpiece?

Let's look first at what a towel cake is. When you think of a towel cake, what goes through your mind or your imagination?

A towel cake centerpiece is made with bath towels, hand towels and wash cloths all rolled up and decorated to look like a real edible cake. You can use real or artificial flowers for part of the decorations.

The middle of the cake can include useful household items such as shower curtains, bath mats, body wash, candles, potpourri, bath mitts or even a blanket. When adding the extra ingredients, be sure to ask about allergies or favorites in these areas.

When rolling up the bath towels, put the added items on the towel and roll it up inside. Continue adding towels and rolling until you have the bottom layer done. It takes about 3-4 bath towels for a good sized base.

The next layer of the fake cake will be the hand towels. These are to be rolled up just like the bottom layer. This middle layer needs to include 4-5 hand towels.

The top layer is your wash cloths. They are rolled up just like the other two layers and will include 5-10 washcloths.

When you get it all rolled and stacked, you will need to stabilize it to keep it together.

The fun part comes when decorating the cake. A fake wedding cake will need to be the most real looking cake you've ever seen (Real enough to want a bite)!

It should be hard to tell it is a fake cake from several feet away. All eyes will be drawn to the towel cake centerpiece, so make sure it reflects perfection.

Blue and White Towel Cake  $45.00Blue and White Towel Cake $45.00

How is the centerpiece taken apart and used by the guest of honor?

The cake is slowly disassembled one layer at a time. The decorations are all removed, and layer by layer will be taken apart.

If you've used any type of pins in the making of the cake, be sure to let them know to be careful. The pins can make a mess out of the fingers and can cause stains on the new towels.

When fully unrolled and laid out, you will have a nice asset for use in the bathroom. Your guest of honor will appreciate your thoughtful gift as useful and beautiful.

We will be glad to make your next towel cake centerpiece for any occasion that you need one for. Place your order here

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