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My wreath making mentor is Julie Siomacco 

A wreath door hanger is sturdy and simple to use

Using a wreath door hanger is very simple. They are made to hang over the top of your door and hold the wreath down away from the top of the door. 

One of the easiest to use is the hook. It is squared on one end and curved on the other end. The square end goes over the top of the door and is stabilized when the door is shut because it holds it in place. The curved end holds the wreath. 

The clear ones are invisible from a short distance and can't be seen from the road. There is also a metal one like the plastic clear one that blends in with darker doors. 

These are about one foot long so your wreath will be lowered enough to be clearly seen. 

Where do I find a wreath door hanger?

A wreath door hanger can be found anywhere there are arts and crafts supplies. Larger stores usually carry items for wreath supplies and you can find the hangers in the same area.

When you buy one of my wreaths, you get the wreath hanger free! I want your wreath to be hang ready when you receive it. Just open the box and hang it up. No need to run out to the store for anything else. 

When you get it hung up, I would love to see the picture! Send it in and I will post it on my website for all to adore.

I also add a wire hanger to the back of my wreaths for hanging it on a nail. You choose how and where you want to hang your up. I have covered all the bases for you. Each wreath I make is made with care and attention to detail.

Another type of wreath hanger is using ribbon. I don't like using ribbon because it tends to squash the flowers and greenery and even the bow on the wreath. The wreath tends to move around too much, so I don't include a ribbon. 

Most of the time the hook or the wire hanger works perfectly. 

When the weather is very windy or even unstable, it is best to take your wreath indoors to keep it safe and sound. The wreaths are light in weight and it will blow off your door and get lost or even torn up. 

Your wreath also needs to be in a dry place. Water is not good for any decorations, so keep them away from direct sunlight and rain, show or ice.

I want your wreath to look just as beautiful the next year as it is when you get it. Keep it in the box when you take it down to keep it safe and in shape. 

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