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My wreath making mentor is Julie Siomacco 

A wreath storage container will keep your door wreath looking new

Having a wreath storage container to keep your door wreath in when you are changing seasons or holidays is the best way to preserve it. 

When the season or holiday is over and you are ready to change your door wreath out, you will need a wreath storage container to lay it in. 

These wonderful inventions are really an investment for your purchase. Door wreaths are delicate and finding a place to keep it may pose an issue. 

The accessories on the wreath can be broken. The ribbon can be squashed down. The limbs can be bent out of shape. The colors can fade. 

See, there are all sorts of reasons to keep it in a storage container. I recommend a hard case for your wreath. It can be bumped around and it won't bend or give under a little pressure. 

The soft cases can be torn, squashed or the zipper broken. They work good if you have a nice protected place to lay them. They are mostly for dust prevention, but can offer some protection from damages.

Where do I find a wreath storage container?

Most craft stores have a wreath storage container area. If you know the size of the diameter of your wreath, you can go and purchase one there. 

Measuring your wreath width will save you much time and guess work when you are searching for the perfect one. 

I would get a full boxed container. That is one that is just a box with a top. The circle ones will not accommodate for any sign or accessories in the middle of the wreath. 

The open container can hold any size wreath with any sign or accessory you have made onto your wreath. It will probably be best to take your wreath into the store with you to get one that is perfect for it. Most stores will allow you to bring it in with you, since you are needing a specific item in their store. 

You may find the one you need without going outside your home by shopping online. There are many different ways to search out a wreath storage container. 

I like shopping at Amazon. They have fast delivery service and I can find anything I search for. The variety is amazing. Check them out when you are ready to change out your wreaths.

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