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My wreath making mentor is Julie Siomacco 

Wreath Supplies are basic tools with a desire for fun

Wreath supplies can be found in almost every store you go into. Just mozie on over to the craft section and WHALAH! Wreath supplies everywhere! 

There are specialty craft stores that have everything you will need. You may need to visit a larger discount store to find them. Outlet stores will carry some wreath supplies. 

If you have a picture of a wreath you like, you will be able to find the needed supplies much easier than if you create on in your mind and try and put it together. 

What kind of wreath supplies do I need?

Sometimes you have to let your imagination go wild to find them. There are so many different signs you can put onto a wreath. Look for metal or heavy plastic ones. You don't need anything that's paper if you plan to hang it outdoors.

Signs can be big or small. They can be painted or stamped. They can by tall or short. They can be serious or funny. SEE, there are lots of different signs you can use.

OK, now let's find the wreath forms. Not all stores will have these, but, your craft stores and larger outlet stores probably will. You can find one that's bare. Some have the chenille sticks already attached. Some are green. Some are silver. Some are big and some are small. Some are square. Some are round. Some are theme shaped. Some have three rings and some have two.

What's next you ask? Well, RIBBON, of course! Wonderful ribbon. This is where you pull out the pocketbook, because, rolls of ribbon are like potato can't buy just one! 

Ribbon is on rolls of different widths. Some is wired and some is not. Some is striped and some are solid. Polka dots, sheer, burlap, colors galore and there may even be some with holes in them. WOW! I told you! 

A wreath is one decoration that just screams for a bow made of ribbon. Not all wreaths need a ribbon bow, but you will want to experiment with your design to see if a bow adds to it or takes away from the overall look. 

OK, now we will move on to the flowers. Again, overwhelmed! With all the different types of artificial and silk flowers surrounding you, it may be hard to choose the right ones. So, what do you do? Choose a flower you like and then coordinate the sign and ribbon to match! There problem solved and you are welcome!

So, let's add some greenery to our wreath. Find greenery such as leaves, grass, moss, cat tails and even some shredded plastic Easter grass is good. The greenery fills empty spots and adds depth to your wreath.

Now, what do we lack? What about accessories? See any birds, butterflies, ladybugs, owls, dogs or cats? All of these can be added to a wreath as long as they are weather friendly. Look around some more for letters that can be painted or stained. Do you see any cute cut outs? 

I'm about shopped out, but we are not done yet. We still have to get a hot glue gun and hot glue. Floral wire and floral tape. Floral picks and chenille sticks. Don't forget to invest in an easel type stand to work off of. A turntable helps from time to time. 

Now that we've looked at some needed wreaths supplies, are you ready to go shopping? If you are not crafty or like to make things by hand, it's ok. That's where I come in. I would love to do all the shopping for you and make your wreath using all my wreath supplies so you don't have to go out and buy all that's needed.

That's what I do in my home. I make wreaths and sell them. You, the buyer, get to sit back and enjoy the finished product.

I think that is a good trade, how about you?

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